January 16th, 2017- January 23rd, 2017  9pm CST
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Lot bsc_bar3d38a
14 Yr Old Cow
Adams 350
A56 Tahantas Back X Tyrell
Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
January 2017 Sale
Jan. 16th 2017-Jan. 23rd 2017
Lot bsc_bar3d39a
FULL Sister to I'm A Gangster PBR Finals Bull
11 Yr Old Cow
High 623 I'm a Gangster's Sister
High 007 Yippy High Yea X High X23 Boo Hoo
Lot bsc_bar3d59a
Weanling Heifer
D9/96 Pretty in Lace
Over-N-Under X Fowl Play
Lot bsc_bar3d40a
7 Yr Old Cow
TBB 0652
Hotel California daughter
Lot bsc_bar3d41a
7 Yr Old Cow
Lone Star 077-1
Panhandle Slim X Houdini
Lot bsc_bar3d42a
5 Yr Old Cow
TBB 2244
Bones X Big Bucks
Lot bsc_bar3d43a
5 Yr Old Cow
TBB 2212
Bones X Deja Blu
Lot bsc_bar3d44a
5 Yr Old Cow
TBB 2654
HIgh 007 Yippy High Yea X Whitewater
Lot bsc_bar3d45a
4 Yr Old Cow
TBB 3719
NIght Life X S4 Coffey's Deuces
Lot bsc_bar3d46a
4 Yr Old Cow
TBB 3801
T18 Chance X 811 Kellys Kat
Lot bsc_bar3d47a
4 Yr Old Cow
TBB 3807
T18 Chance X Kellys Kat
Lot bsc_bar3d48a
4 Yr Old Cow
TBB 3800
Mossy Oak Mudslinger X Money Honey
Lot bsc_bar3d49a
Weanling Heifer
DZ4 Gangster Blue
Canadian Gangster X Blue Duck
Lot bsc_bar3d50a
Weanling Heifer
D9 Cowtown Houdini
Houdini X Cowtown
Lot bsc_bar3d51a
Weanling Heifer
D8/9 Little Yellow Cowtown
Little Yellow Jacket X RK 330 ( Rooster)
Lot bsc_bar3d52a
Weanling Heifer
DA18 More Gangster Bucks
Canadian Gangster X More Bucks
Lot bsc_bar3d53a
Weanling Heifer
D35 Precious Playboy
Game On X Playboy Skoal
Lot bsc_bar3d54a
Weanling Heifer
D41 Peaches N Cream
Over N Under X Bells Blue
Lot bsc_bar3d55a
Weanling Heifer
DZ42 Idabelle
Canadian Gangster X Silver Wings
Lot bsc_bar3d56a
Weanling Heifer
DB56 Oh Mary
AX15 Toxic Shock X Highway 12
Lot bsc_bar3d57a
Weanling Heifer
DA82 Rock N Roll Gangster
Canadian Gangster X Rock-N-Roll
Lot bsc_bar3d58a
Weanling Heifer
D84 Big Diamond Tex
Big Tex Rocks X White Magic
Lot bsc_bar3d60a
Weanling Heifer
D104 Becca
Over-N-Under X Hotel California
Lot bsc_bar3d61a
Weanling Heifer
D115 Real Crosswired
Over-N-Under X Danika's Pet
Lot bsc_bar3d62a
Weanling Heifer
D170 Ricci Lee
AX15 Toxic Shock X Curveball
Lot bsc_bar3d63a
Weanling Heifer
#224 VooDoo Daughter
+123 Voodoo Child X Page 893U, Silver
Lot bsc_bar3d64a
Weanling Heifer
#226 Real Wolfie
Over-N-Under daughter
Lot bsc_bar3d65a
Weanling Heifer
#228 I'm a Cowtown Gangster
I'm A Gangster X 018 Cowtown
Lot bsc_bar3d66a
Weanling Heifer
FULL Sister to Cowboy Phil, PBR Finals Bull
#229 Just Special
Apollo I X Kish's Wolfman
Lot bsc_bar3d67a
Weanling Heifer
#231 Meathook & Boding
Meathook X Boding
Lot bsc_bar3d68a
Weanling Heifer
#234 Yippy High Playgirl
High 007 Yippy High Yea X Playboy Skoal
Lot bsc_bar3d69a
Weanling Heifer
#235 VooDoo X Silver Wings
+123 Voodoo Child X Silver Wings
Lot bsc_bar3d70a
Weanling Heifer
D510 Toxic Voodoo
Canadian Gangster X Voodoo Child
Lot bsc_bar3d71a
Weanling Heifer
D824 OV Gangster
Gangster Sign X Naccarato's Oscars Velvet
Lot bsc_bar3d72a
5 Yr Old Cow with Her 2016 Heifer Calf
#1283  Rafter R Genetics 1283
Kiss Off-Benedict 2 X Calico Kid
Lot bsc_bar3d73a
10 Yr Old Cow
Naccarato's Oscars Velvet X Rank Bitch
Lot bsc_bar3d74a
3 Yr Old Cow
B170 Xtra Cheesy
514 Curveball X 816 Bluewater (
Whitewater Skoal)
Lot bsc_bar3d75a
8 Yr Old Cow
#104 Hotel Cali
Hotel California X Houdini 329
Lot bsc_bar3d76a
8 Yr Old Cow
#900 (9/96)
Fowl Play X Frogy
Lot bsc_bar3d77a
5 Yr Old Cow
#88 Best Shot X 009 Showtime
Lot bsc_bar3d78a
5 Yr Old Cow
TBB 0651
Hotel California X AN 11-1