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Lot bsc_3956
7 Year Old Cow
#82 Annie
Coat 45 X Yellow Jacket
Lot bsc_3957
9 Year Old Cow
#6 Suzie Q
Real Western ( Johnny Walker Red) X Roddy
Brown Daughter
Lot bsc_3958
11 Year Old Cow
SH 104
Houdini Daughter
Lot bsc_3959
9 Year Old Cow
#66 Black Sky
MC 907 (Broke Back V) X Houdini
Lot bsc_3968
1-8 Straws 4J Pandora's Box
4 X's PBR Finals Bull
2 X's NFR Bull
Lot bsc_3960
9 Year Old Cow
Livewire X San Clemente daughter
Lot bsc_3961
5 Year Old Cow
#05 Mable
Blind Date X Coat 45
Lot bsc_3962
NEW 2016 Wilson Ranch Hand Trailer
24ft long
Lot bsc_3963
Lot bsc_3964
1-5 Straws of #77 Yellow Jacket
Lot bsc_3965
1-5 Straws of # 856 Tahanta
2003 & 2004 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year
Lot bsc_3966
1-5 Straws of #K78 Unforgiven
2002 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year
2001 Reserve-PRCA Bucking Bull of the
1999 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Finals
Lot bsc_3967
1-10 Straws of #461 Cash to Win
Kish's Winchester X Cash's Mother
Lot bsc_3969
Yearling Bull
#421 Little Man Frozen
Page 06 (Crossfire Hurricane) X Page 21Z
U28 daughter
Lot bsc_3970
Possible 3 in One
#118X Selling with her

2015 Heifer Calf @ side
Page 27T Mudcat X Holy Moly daughter
Lot bsc_3971
Possible 3 in One
#205y Selling with her 2015 Bull Calf @ side
10s Chin Music X Hustler Daughter