Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
Lot bsc_4859
5-20 Straws
236 Mud Flap
Lot bsc_4860
5-20 Straws of
#02 Josey Wales
Lot bsc_4861
2 Straw Package of
#88 Best Shot
Lot bsc_4862
18 Straw Semen Package
301 Sports Machine, Hobo,
Avalanceh, Fandango, Smooth
Criminal and more
Lot bsc_4863
Large Straw Semen Package
Squirt Gun, White Out, White
Bird, New Orleans, and MORE
Lot bsc_4864
Large Straw Semen Package
Squirt Gun, Little Hostage, Party
Time, Copper Top and MORE
Lot bsc_4865
35 Straw Semen Package
301 Sports Machine, Little
Yellow Jacket, Super Cool,
Avalanche and MORE
Lot bsc_4866
2 Straw Semen Package
Kish's Ugly, Mr Juicey
Lot bsc_4867
4 Straw Semen Package of
Skat Kat
Lot bsc_4868
5 Straw Package of
Andrews -6
Lot bsc_4869
3 Straw Semen Package
273 Vindiator 3 x's NFR Finals
Bull, 2 x's PBR Finals Bull and
Bunk Buster aka Smokey PBR
Finals Bull
Lot bsc_4870
1-2 Straws of Playboy Skoal
990 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Finals
1991 Reserve PRCA Bucking Bull of
the Year
Lot bsc_4871
1 Straw of #749 Rooster
Lot bsc_4872
2-5 Straws of
#77 Yellow Jacket

Sale Ring
Auction will run from Monday May 21st -
Monday May 28th 9pm CST
For Phone Bids call: Marcia @ 214-606-2452
Lot bsc_4873
1-2 Straws of
#259 Katie Did
Lot bsc_4874
2 Traditional #1 Embryos
#182 Hot Damn X Page 523
Lot bsc_4875
**1 Straw of J31A Bodacious**
Flush Quality
Lot bsc_4876
5 Straws of #14 Double Shot
Lot bsc_4877
2 Straws of 56 Little Houdini
Lot bsc_4878
2 Straw Semen Package
1 Straw of #77 Yellow Jacket
1 Straw of Pandoras Box
Lot bsc_4879
5  Straws of Studio 54
Lot bsc_4880
5 Straws  of #715 Copper Top
4 X'sPBR Finals Bull
NFR Finals Bull
Lot bsc_4881
2 Straw Semen Package
Cowboy Cash
Cash to Win
Lot bsc_4882
5 Straws  of 191 Wampus Cat
Lot bsc_4883
5 Straws of Page R7
Lot bsc_4884
5 Straws of #588 Sky High
Lot bsc_4885
5 Straws of #22 QB One
Lot bsc_4886
7 Yr Old Bred Cow
Page 53T X Raindancer
Lot bsc_4887
5 Yr Old Cow with Heifer Calf
@ side
GLC 792
Lot bsc_4888
10 Yr Old Cow with Heifer
Calf @ side
Lady Wolf Cat
Lot bsc_4889
Yearling Bull
17-60 Hard Timer
HDH 233 X Smooth Move
Lot bsc_4890
Yearling Bull
17-30 Guilty Verdict
Page 94T Hoop & Holler X
Hargis 54 Up in Smoke
Lot bsc_4891
Yearling Bull
Eckroth 740
Short Show Son
Lot bsc_4892
Yearling Bull
17-22 Call Me Crazy
Showbiz X Crosswired
Lot bsc_4893
Yearling Bull
17-26  No Betta
HDH 233 X Smooth Move
NOTE: These Lots Close Friday
May 25th at 9pm CST
Lot bsc_4894
5 Straws of
61 Little Yellow Jacket Semen
3-TIME PBR Bucking Bull of the