Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
Lot bsc_4621
**1-2 Straws of J31A Bodacious**
Auction Will go from
Monday May 1
5th - Monday May 22nd 9PM CST
To Place Phone Bids Call Marcia @ 214-606-2452
Lot bsc_4622
2 Straw Semen Package
1 Straw of #77 Yellow Jacket
1 Straw of Little Yellow Jacket
( 2 Packages Available)
Lot bsc_4623
3 Straw Semen Package
(2 Packages Available)
Houdini X MS0 Sons
Lot bsc_4624
1-5 Straws of 329 Houdini
Lot bsc_4625
10 Straw Semen Package
840 Rock N Roll
Butler's Buckshot
Kelly's Kat
Lot bsc_4626
22 Straw Semen Package
Fistfull of Dollars
Lot bsc_4627
5-10 Straws of TM #62 Slider
PBR Finals Bull
Lot bsc_4628
5-10 Straws of TM #06  Ricochet
Lot bsc_4629
5-10 Straws of TM 933 Muscatel