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5 Straws  of #715 Copper Top
4 X'sPBR Finals Bull
NFR Finals Bull
ABBI#  10006046
Sired by: A6
ABBI#  10006045
Naccarato Breeding Top and Bottom

Dam: Page 415-199
ABBI#  10011690
Page Breeding Top and Bottom

715 Copper Top is a 4 times PBR Finals bul. He also went to the

    He is a son of the Proven Producer A6!

    His dam is from the Page Breeding program.

Copper Top has 8 sons with Probull Stats!
He is sire to Pages,
Hit and Run, PBR Finals Bull
724 The Sun Dome
    and several other bulls.

This is a underrated Sire. He is showing that he can produce
Terry Don West rides a bull at a 2001 PBR event in Oklahoma City, OK
Score: 92pts!
056, a son of Copper Top
5  Straws of Studio 54
ABBI# 10028088

Sire- #54 Up In Smoke ABBI# 10014930 (17 sons with
probull stats)

Dam- Hargis 591 ABBI# 10012751 (Dam to El
Presidente and Wompus cat)

Studio 54 is double bred Gunslinger and already
proving to be a producer like his sire and grand sire.
There are only 8 bull calves registered out of him and
2 of them have Probull Stats. Here is a chance to put
some Gunslinger bloodlines in your hurd.
5 Straws  of 191 Wampus Cat
Paternal Half Brother to PBR Finals Bull Blueberry
Wine &
Maternal Half Brother to PBR Finals Bull El Presidente!
DH 79 X Hargis 591, Gunslinger Daughter
ABBI# 10021221

Sire: DH 79
ABBI#  10006492

Dam: Hargis 591
ABBI#  10012751
A Gunslinger daughter !

191 Wampus Cat is sired by DH 79, the sire to the PBR
Finals Bull Blueberry Wine, making Wampus Cat a Paternal
Half brother to him!

His dam, Hargis 591 is not only a daugher of the Legendary
Gunslinger, but she is also the dam to the PBR Finals bull
El Presidente! This makes Wampus Cat a Maternal Half
brother to him!

Wampus Cat is the sire to:
622 Lights Out #98
El Presidente Stats
Blueberry Wine Stats
5 Straws of #342 Sargent Peppers
ABBI# 10029066
Sire: 07 Superfly
ABBI#  10002996
Playboy Skoal X LW24 (Wyche Breeding)
Dam: LW 34C
ABBI#  10003700
Stand Up CP 47 X LW 22 (Wyche Breeding)

Sired by Superfly, a PBR Bull, that is a own son of Playboy
His dam is a daughter of Stand Up CP 47, a bull that you see
in many pedigrees, his daughters were known to be producers.
5 Straws of #14 Double Shot
ABBI #10021979

Sire: Page 714
ABBI#  10006050
Grand sire: A6
ABBI#  10006045
Grand dam: Page 404-230
ABBI# 10011654

Dam: Page 14-153
ABBI# 10011655
Grand sire: Broke Back V
ABBI# 10006069
Grand Dam: Page 404-230
ABBI# 10011654

Double Shot is a son of Page 714,  a son of the producing bull A6
Page 714 is sire to Buck Snort and Just Push Play.

His dam, Page 14-153 is a daughter of Broke Back V, a foundation
sire for the Pages Breeding program.  She is also sire to Page 25T
and Page 113U.

14 Double has Page 404-230 twice in his pedigree. She has shown a
strong maternal pedigree in that her daughters are producers.
Double Shot was polled due to a Horn Infection. He is Deceased
Just Push Play Probull
Buck Snort Probull stats
30 Straw Semen Package
Double Shot, Copper Top, Sargent Peppers,
Studio 54, Wampus Cat, Sky High, QB One
5 Straws of #588 Sky High
ABBI #10034977
Own son of Sky King!

Sire: #240 Sky King
ABBI#  10000779
Grand sire: Kish's Wolfman
ABBI# 10002288
Grand dam: Kish Breeding

Dam: RJ 55
ABBI#  10018313
Grand sire: OX7 Stingray
ABBI# 10000742
Grand Dam: Jones Breeding

Sky High is a son of 3X PBR, 4X NFR Finals Bulls Sky King! Sky King is a son of the legendary
Kish's Wolfman, a proven producer.
Sky King is the sire to 2009 PBR World Champion Bucking Bull, Code Blue, PBR Finals Bull,
Apollo, Cloud King, Leprechaun, & Kings Court to mention a few.

Sky High's dam is RJ 55 a own daughter of NFR bull 1993, 1994, and 1996 OX7 Stingray, hauled
by Guidry Rodeo Co. He was also a PBR and BRO Finalist.
OX& Stingray is the sire to 35 Spring a NFR Finals bull, avg mark 22.25 pts!
Although OX7 Stingray has not available on his pedigree, its said he is Plummer bred.

588 was the NBBS Reserve Champion in Ebart, Michigan Spring 2006. He is Loaded with Great
Genetics and he is Producing Calves that Buck! He is a 1/2 Brother to the Late Great Bull Apollo!
Here's a Great Opportunity to Add some Sky King Genetics to Your Herd!

#588 was injured as a 3yr. old that ended his career!
He was the 2006 NBBS Reserve Champion as a 2 Yr. Old.

His Calves have Shown Great Potential! #588 came from Alvin Jones.

Sky King straws sell for $20,000 per straw...straws of brothers to this bull sell for $200+...he's a half
brother to Apollo..he had a career end injury that stopped him from going to the big time...he has
produced calves that have been outstanding.

First 2 Video's is of #588 and last 3 are video's of his sons bucking.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6
250 Kings Court  Probull stats
07 Leprechaun
Probull stats
640 Cloud King Probull
Apollo  Probull stats
Code Blue Probull stats
2009 PBR World
Sky King Probull stats
0X7 Stingray  Probull stats
5 Straws of #22 QB One
ABBI# 10046812

Sire- Naccaratos Oscars Velvet
ABBI# 10006436

Dam- Ms Kiker
ABBI# 10005368

If you are looking to add the Oscar blood lines to your herd
here is your chance QB one is double bred Oscars Velvet an
own son of Oscar and sire to Whitewater Skoal. QB ones
Dam is an own daughter of Whitewater Skoal and also the
Dam to Dr Hou and #629 Magic.
You are bidding on ALL 30 straws for ONE (1) package price.
Stored at Champion Genetics, Canton TX
Buyer responsible for shipping and handling