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Russel Myer
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3 Straws #238 Hitman
ABBI# 10028185     
#749 Rooster
ABBI# 10001587
White Sports Coat X CP 1 Kung Fu

Spook X CP 13 First Lady
This calf is out of a daughter of Hitman
3 Straws of #54 Up in Smoke
ABBI# 10014930

SIRE: #55 Gunslinger
1993 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Finals
1994 & 1995 Reserve PRCA Bucking Bull of the

DAM: #315 Panhandle Slim Daughter
1997 PBR Bucking Bull of the Year
1998 & 1999 PBR Runner-up Bull of the Year

Up in Smoke is turning into one of the most sought after sires
in bull riding.  His sons & grandsons are showing both the
Gunslinger & Panhandle Slim genetics in their performance.
2 Straws of:
640 Cloud King
ABBI# 10035356

Sire: 240 Sky King
ABBI# 10000779
Kish's Wolfman X Kish Breeding

Dam: RJ 381
ABBI# 10005798
Not Available

He is sired by Sky King,3 time PBR Finals &
4 Time NFR Bucking Bull, is a son of Kish's Wolfman!
Sky King is sire to:
250 King's Court NFR/PBR Finals Bull

644 Code Blue, PBR World Champion Bucking Bull

661 Apollo
Just to mention son of Sky King's sons with stats. All Paternal HALF
Brother to Cloud King.

Cloud King won FIRST at the 2006 Ohio Open Futurity in May 2006
He had a 4th Place Finish at the 2006 ABBI Duncan, OK Futurity in Sept.

If you go to this LINK, you can view Videos on Shippy Rodeo Bulls site of
Cloud King
Shippy Rodeo Bulls
Kung Fu Warrior is a son of Wango, a bull from the Rafter 7r program. He is a
son of the producing bull, Rooster and out of a Houdini daughter. Wango is also
the sire to I See Monsters.

Kung Fu Warrior's dam is Rafter 7r 65, a daughter of Producer Spook and CP 1
Kung Foo.

She is the dam to:
#672 Prime Time, PBR/NFR Finals Bull
Hard Times, NFR Finals Bull
making Kung Fu Warrior a MATERNAL HALF Brother to these two outstanding

He is showing to be a producer of Buckers. See some of his sons below.
Dunnam Bull Company had great success with breeding to him and producing
Kung Fu Warrior 5 Yrs Ago
1 Straw of 898 Kung Fu Warrior
ABBI#  10045623

Sire: #21 Wango
ABBI#  10011888
Rooster X Rafter 7r 71 (Houdini daughter)
She has 4 sons with stats.

Dam: Rafter 7r 65
ABBI#  10011889
Spook X CP 1 Kung Foo
Kung Fu Warrior 5 Yrs Ago 2nd Trip
Son of Kung Fu Warrior
Son of Kung Fu Warrior
Son of Kung Fu Warrior
2 Straws of 30 Muddy Waters
Muddy Water is a son of White Water Skoal out of a
Ravenscroft cow.
Muddy Water has 3 sons with stats, including #95
Spit Shine. Making Muddy Water the Grand Sire to
PBR/CBR stand outs Raven Flyer, Roar, Brass Rain
and most recent TLW's -147 Big Cat.
3 Straws of RJ 348 Niagra
PBR  Bull
ABBI# 10008477

Sire: Whitewater Skoal
ABBI#  10000755
Naccarato's Oscars Velvet X Naccarato Breeding

Dam: RJ 42
ABBI# 10001481  
J31A Bodacious X Jones Breeding

Niagra is a PBR  Bull who is sired by Whitewater
Skoal, PBR/NFR Finals Bull and proven producer!
He is a son of Naccarato's Oscars Velvet, 1983
His dam is RJ 42 is a daughter of PRCA BBOY and
PBR World Champion Bucking Bull and legend,
3 Straws of #158-2 Playtoy
ABBI#  10054474

Sire: #1513 Calicoat Jack
ABBI# 10026405
Playboy Skoal X Hargis 513 ( Neon Nights daughter)

Hargis 458
ABBI#  10028100
Hargis 54 Up in Smoke X Hargis 358 ( Panhandle
Slim daughter)

#158-2 Play Toy a son of PBR Finals Bull Calicoat Jack aka
Sky Hawk Cut A Rug!
His dam is a daughter of Hargis 54 Up in Smoke and out of a
daughter of Panhandle Slim!
Great-grandson of PBR Finals Bull Neon Nights,  Gunslinger
and  Panhandle Slim.

We bucked him not long ago to see what he could do. Watch
the second video

He came from the Jerry Hargis Breeding program.
Playtoy as a Weanling Bull Calf
Recent Out for Him
5 Straws of Q B 1
ABBI# 10046812

Sired by
Naccaratos Oscars Velvet
1983 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year

MS Kiker
Daughter of Whitewater Skoal & Ms. Parrish
Ms. Kiker is the dam to Dr. Hou - 2005 ABBI Futurity
Year End Champion
Q B 1 Bucking Video
Q B 1 Bucking Video 2
Q B 1 Bucking Video 3
Stored at Champion Genetics Canton TX
Buyer responsible for shipping and handling
22 Straw Semen Package
Hitman, QB One, Niagra, Up in Smoke and MORE