The sire is Western Wishes PBR Finals Bull and proven producer. He is a son of Super
Dave, one of the Pages foundation sires. His dam is Page 418, Kephart Breeding.
Western Wishes has too many sons to list them all with probull stats.
He is sire to:
Best Western, PBR Finals Bull
Western Star
to mention a couple of his many sons with stats.
He also has many daughters that are producing as well.
Page 223-131
Dam to:
30S Monty the Bull, NFR/PBR Finals Bull
Page 342-481
Dam to:
W10 Stir Crazy PBR Finals Bull
Page 05-106
Dam to:
37S Red Hot, PBR Finals Bull
to mention some of his daughters that are producing, he has more as well.

The dam is U14 Racoon Mama, a daughter of
Surefire, NFR/PBR Finals Bull. He is a
son of Backlash, a proven producer. His dam is Page 201-170, a daughter of 715
Copper Top, PBR/NFR Finals bull and producer. She is also the dam to:
61W Fireshow, NFR Finals Bull
133X High Tensile
Surefire is a producer. He has too many sons to list with probull stats.
He is sire to:
28W Nefarious PBR Finals Bull
01Z Rocco, PBR/NFR Finals Bull
to mention a couple of his sons.
The maternal grand dam is Page 229-153, a daughter of Mossy Oak Mudslinger, PBR
World Champion Bucking Bull and proven producer. Her dam is a daughter of Romeo,
sire to Just a Dream, PBR Finals Bull.

U14 has 2 sons with Probull stats.
One is:
142 Trouble Maker

NOTE: When payment is received, buyer will receive a Dam Authorization.

Stored at Flying Cow Genetics, Welch, OK 74369
Phone: 918.929.3178
Buyer responsible for Shipping and handling
1-2 IVF Embryo
-618 Western Wishes X U14
Direct Thaw, Grade 2 Stage 6
When Payment Received, Comes with Signed Dam Authorization
Lot bsc_4934
Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452

Contact Consignor if you have any questions BEFORE PLACING A

PAYMENT must be RECEIVED within 7 days of the auction's close!

All monies paid to the consignor will be U.S. Dollars only.

AUCTION ENDS Monday, Aug 13th 2018 @ 9:00PM CENTRAL TIME.

Consigned by:
Dan Doyle
Phone: 281-229-4838

1-2 Embryos
U14 Racoon Mama
ABBI#   10073652
53 Surefire
ABBI#   10022031
Page 229-153
ABBI#  10011717
Page 418
ABBI#   10008446
ABBI#   10011599
Mossy Oak Mudslinger
ABBI#   10006047
Page 29-130
ABBI#     10011715
Kephartl Breeding
Kephart Breeding
Page Breeding
Page  Breeding
-618 Western Wishes
ABBI#  10006049
Super Dave
ABBI#   10008411
Page 201-170
ABBI#  10011737
Jess Lockwood rides Trouble Maker for 84.75 points
Son of U14
Jim Sharp vs Western Wishes - 02 PBR
Guthrie (92.5 pts)
Ross Coleman vs Western Wishes - 02
PBR Austin (91.5 pts)
Renato Nunes vs. Sure Fire