Heien 325 is a UNBUCKED yearling bull. He is sired by Wrong Way, a so of Mud Duck. The
paternal grand dam, Dunnam 630, is a daughter of
Prime Time, NFR/PBR Finals Bull.
His dam, Miny Pearl is a daughter of Tiny Shot. He is sired by Double Shot, a son of Page 714.
The maternal grand dam is Amos 116, a daughter of Magic Jacket.

This bull has NOT been bucked.

Located in Mineral Wells, TX
Un-Bucked Yearling Bull
Heien 325
Wrong Way X Tiny Shot
ABBI# 10225152   DOB:  3/25/2018
Lot bsc_5186
Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
Email: thebuckingstockconnection@yahoo.com

Heien 325
ABBI# 10225152
Miny Pearl
ABBI#    10184657
04 Tiny Shot
ABBI#   10115808
Amos 116
ABBI#  10137075
14 Double Shot
ABBI#  10021979
653 Magic Jacket
ABBI#  10041991
Dunnam 606
ABBI# 10078668
DM 124
ABBI#  10011262

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AUCTION ENDS Thursday, June 20th 2019 @ 9:00PM CENTRAL TIME.

Consigned by:
Jeremy Heien
Phone: 940-327-9541
Not Available
Page 340
ABBI# 10022041
304 Mud Duck
ABBI# 10115809
Dunnam 630
ABBI# 10068411
319 Wrong Way
ABBI#  10170696
#672 Prime Time
ABBI# 10008831
CSL 102
ABBI# 10012047
DOB:  3/25/2018
This is his Sire, Wrong Way
This is Tiny Shot, his dam's sire