She is sired Lumley 88, a son of Maximus, PBR/NFR Finals bull and showing to be
a producer.!
He has several sons with probull stats.
He is sire to:
Mad Max PBR Finals Bull
The paternal Grand dam if from the Roach Breeding program.
The dam is Rafter 7r 398, a daughter of Snark, a Rooster Son.
The maternal grand dam is Rafter 7r 161, a daughter of White Sports Coat.
This cow is heavy with Rafter 7r Genetics!

Located:  Commerce TX.

She is bred to #2 Black Magic for a 2018 Spring Calf.
6 Yr Old Bred Cow
Rafter 7r 467
Lumley 88 ( Maximus) X Snark
DOB:  3/1/2011
Rafter 7r 467
ABBI#  10133013
Rafter 7r 398
ABBI#  10054674
Lumley 88
ABBI#  10082876
Lot bsc_HC03
Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
DOB:  3/1/2011
455 Snark
ABBI#  10012468
Rafter 7r 161
ABBI# 10017385
Rafter 7r 148
ABBI # 10017380
#122 Maximus
ABBI# 10024357

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PAYMENT must be RECEIVED within 7 days of the auction's close!
All monies paid to the consignor will be U.S. Dollars only.

AUCTION ENDS Monday, Oct. 9th 2017 @ 9:00PM CENTRAL TIME.

Consigned by:
Hector Cabrera
Phone: 903-366-1087
Hyatt Breeding
Hyatt Breeding
Roach Breeding
Rafter 7r 75
ABBI#  10006764  
#2 Black Magic
ABBI#  10033548

Sire: Houdini 329
ABBI#  10001769
White Sports Coat X CP 6 (Plummer)

Dam: 20 Broken Horn
ABBI#  10010689
Plummer Breeding X CP 1 Kung Foo

Black Magic is sired by the number one sire in the industry, Houdini!
He has too many sons to begin to list with stats and his daughters produce also.
The dma is Broken Horn, a daughter of a Plummer bull and out of CP 1 Kung Foo,
also Plummer.
749 Rooster
ABBI# 10001587  
Rafter 7r 114
ABBI# 10017372
White Sports Coat
ABBI# 10001139
CP 1 Kung Foo
ABBI# 10005160