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Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
Email: thebuckingstockconnection@yahoo.com
Nora Belle Peterson Benefit
On March 19th of 2017 God blessed us with our biggest blessing yet, Nora Belle Peterson.  Nora was
born with a disability affecting her entire left arm. After stumping all the doctors who had seen her in
North Dakota, we started making trips to Mayo along with Physical Therapy once a week.  During these
trips we had multiple tests done such as X-Rays, EMG (Testing of the nerves), MRI and lots of team
discussions between her doctors.  Mayo had never seen a case quite like hers before, but she was
finally diagnosed with Arthrogyposis after our most recent trip to Mayo. Arthrogryposis is when you’re
either born without or with very little muscle. Nora is lacking muscle in her forearm, shoulder, and has no
bicep muscle. Nora also has a very tight tricep muscle which is also affecting her from being able to bend
it. Nora’s next step will be to under-go two surgeries shortly after she turns a year old (possibly three
depending on how the first two go). Mayo’s doctors will first be going in and lengthening her tricep
muscle so that it can bend passively and then they will go in again and transfer muscle from other parts
of her body and place them where she is lacking it. Nora has been such a fighter through this entire
journey and hasn’t let it slow her down from crawling or starting to walk. We cannot thank those enough
for the love, support, prayers and generous donations that have been made. Please continue to keep us
all in your prayers as the surgeries approach.

- Zac,,Cassidy & Nora Peterson
Cassidy & Nora Belle
Zach, Cassidy, & Nora Belle
Nora Belle

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PAYMENT must be RECEIVED within 7 days of the auction's close!

All monies paid to the consignor will be U.S. Dollars only.

AUCTION ENDS Monday April 2nd,  2018  @ 9:00PM CENTRAL TIME.

For Questions about this Benefit Contact:
Mark Peterson
Phone: 701-240-3535 Cell
Zac Peterson: 701-578-5315
Stored @ ORIgen     10 West Arrow Creek Road     Huntley MT  59037
Buyer Responsible for Shipping and Handling
Buyer has 30 days to transfer semen after semen release

Winning Bidder will mail payment to:
Payable to: Nora Belle Peterson
C/O Zac Peterson
26705 195th Street S.E.
Velva, ND. 58790
Pay Pal
Cassidy Peterson
Email: CUnterse@jc.edu
NOTE: If you pay via Pay Pal, please use the Friends and
Family option to pay so no fees are taken out.

Once Payment is received the straws will be released.
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