AKL 83 is a daughter of Hustle Up Chuck aka HUC. He is a son of Hustler, PBR Finals
Bull and a producer. Hustler is a son of Playboy Skoal and his dam is a daughter of the
legendary Bodacious!
He is sire to:
66T Hustlin PBR Finals Bull
W36 Hustle Up PBR Finals Bull
Y16 Brutus, PBR/NFR Finals Bull
just to mention some of his sons with probull stats.
The paternal grand dam, JG 521 is a daughter of Final Countdown, a son of the Original

Her dam is sired by Eckroth 0001 Short Show, a son of Showtime, PBR Finals Bull and
proven producer. Short Show's dam is Page 1-598, a daughter of 40 Shorty. She also
is the dam to:
23S Stretch Armstrong
X5 Cut Across Shorty, NFR Finals Bull
The maternal grand dam, George, is
sired by Thunder Down Under from the
Ravencrofts program. He is a Smokin Buckle Son. Smokin Buckle is sired by
Gun, a NFR/PBR Finals Bull.
Her Dam, SJR 167 is sired by
Whitewater Skoal, PBR/NFR Finals Bull and PROVEN

She is Pasture Exposed to the following sires for a 2019 Calf.
Z18 Lil Brute PBR Finals Bull

ABBI#  10154212
Sire: I'm A Gangster
High 007 Yippy High Yea X High X23 Boo Hoo

Dam: Page 255-152
ABBI#  10011728
Mossy Oak Mudslinger X Page 755-113

Lil Brute PBR Finals Bull, is sired by I'm A Gangster, PBR Finals Bull, Contender for World
Champion Bucking Bull and a proven producer! He is sired by High 007 Yippy High Yea, a
Lil Brute's dam is a daughter of PBR World Champion Bucking Bull, Mossy Oak Mudslinger,
also a proven producer. Page 255-152 is a PRODUCER! She is dam to:
Y16 Brutus PBR Finals Bull
R16 Check Out PBR Finals Bull
just to mention a couple of her many sons with probull stats.
The maternal grand dam, Page 755-113 is a daughter of A6. She is also dam to:
Crossfire Hurricane, PBR/NFR Finals Bull and producer.

She is also pasture exposed to:

AKL 57 - Otis P.
ABBI#  10192900
Sire: 606 Squawk Box
ABBI#  10045487
Say La Vee X 28 Pearl (Frick Breeding)

Dam: AKL 21 - Littles
ABBI# 10178302 \
#42 Mud Duck X 905 Austina (Rooster Cogburn daughter)
AKL 57 is a son of Squaw Box who is a son of Say La Vee, PBR Finals Bull. Say La Vee is a
son of the legendary Kish's Wolfman!
The dam is a daughter of
Mud Duck PBR Finals Bull. He is a son of PBR World Champion
Bucking Bull, Mossy Oak Mudslinger! Mud Duck has several sons himself with probull stats.

Location, Synder, TX
120 County Road 243, Snyder, TX 79549

Buyer must pick up IMMEDIATELY or pay for feed for an additional 30
Payment MUST be Received before Pickup
I accept PayPal, cashiers check and personal check, but the personal
check must be mailed such that it can clear before the animals are
picked up.
Pasture Exposed Heifer
AKL 83 - GoGo
Hustle Up Chuck X Eckroth 0001 Short Show
ABBI# 10205855
DOB:    4/2/2017
Lot bsc_b11
Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
Email: thebuckingstockconnection@yahoo.com
DOB:  4/2/2017
AKL - 46
ABBI#    10183239
Eckroth 0001 Short Show
Page 1-598
ABBI# 10023186

08 George
ABBI #10164599
213 Crooked Child
ABBI#  10013409
SJR 269 Thunder Down Under
ABBI#  10027785
Playboy Skoal
ABBI#  10000738
SA 977
ABBI#  10001856
JG 100
ABBI#  10005117
JG 521
ABBI# 10027493
77 Hustler
ABBI#  10021906
ABBI#  10022997
Hustle Up Chuck
(aka HUC)
ABBI#  10182036
G221 Final Countdown
ABBI#  10001523
AKL 83 - GoGo
ABBI# 10205855
Cooper Davis rides Lil Brute for 86.5 points

Contact Consignor if you have any questions BEFORE PLACING A

PAYMENT must be RECEIVED within 7 days of the auction's close!

All monies paid to the consignor will be U.S. Dollars only.

AUCTION ENDS Monday, Oct. 1st 2018 @ 9:00PM CENTRAL TIME.

Consigned by:
Bean Counter Buckin Bulls
Amber Luedke
Phone: 325-574-4190